Free SmartID Program

Free SmartID Program

Receive Up to 100 Free idOnDemand SmartIDs

With Novell SecureLogin, you have a single login to your computer. Add a SmartID from idOnDemand, you also get a single login to your VPN and building.

And now for a limited time, when you purchase new or additional licenses of Novell SecureLogin, you qualify to receive up to 100 idOnDemand SmartIDs for FREE.

  • 500 Novell SecureLogin seats = 50 free idOnDemand SmartIDs; 1,000 Novell SecureLogin seats = 100 free idOnDemand SmartIDs.
  • First year of idOnDemand service FREE with no requirement to continue.
  • Subsequent years - only pay annual service fee for users that remain active.
  • Offer good through December 31, 2010.


Service includes:

  • Globally Trusted Managed Certificate Authority
  • FIPS 201 compatible smart card
  • Building Access Card
  • Support for Cisco and other major VPN routers
  • Enrollment portal
  • 20 minute hands on orientation


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